Dr. Krista Gower


Residency Trained in Medical Oncology

Professional Experience:

  • Graduated from Ontario Veterinary College (DVM)
  • Emergency veterinarian at VCA Canada Alta Vista Animal Hospital
  • Residency in Medical Oncology at VCA Canada Alta Vista Animal Hospital
  • Residency-trained veterinarian in medical oncology at VCA Canada Alta Vista Animal Hospital


Dr. Krista Gower is from Ottawa. She graduated from Ontario Veterinary College in 2009. She worked as an emergency veterinarian at VCA Canada Alta Vista Animal Hospital and then went on to complete a 3-year medical oncology residency at VCA Canada Alta Vista Animal Hospital.

Dr. Krista Gower’s kind and compassionate nature drew her to a life of service to sick and injured animals. During a high school co-op placement at the Ottawa Wild Bird Care Centre, Dr. Gower realized she could become a veterinarian and combine two of her passions, helping animals and a love of learning. A summer job at Ontario Veterinary College’s Oncology Department piqued her interest in the specialty. She was amazed at the scope of diagnostics and treatments available to animal cancer patients. Dr. Gower was also surprised (like most people) that oncologists can dramatically improve the lives of cats and dogs with cancer and give their families more quality time with their beloved pets. Dr. Gower is looking forward to bringing this compassion and hope to pet owners and pets in the National Capital region at Capital City Specialty & Emergency Animal Hospital.

Dr. Gower is married to her endlessly supportive partner, Matt, and they have two sons, Leo and Beau, as well as one cat, Tuna. In her spare time, Dr. Gower enjoys watercolour painting, crafting, and knitting.

Recent Publications

Gower KL, Liptak JM, Culp WT, et al. Splenic liposarcoma in dogs: 13 cases (2002-2012). J Am Vet Med Assoc. 2015;247:1404-1407.

Recent Presentations

Gower KL. Feline Gastrointestinal Lymphoma. Alta Vista Animal Hospital Lecture Series, Ottawa , 2019.

Gower KL. Splenic Liposarcoma in 13 Dogs: A Veterinary Society of Surgical Oncology Study. Poster Presentation. Veterinary Cancer Society Annual Conference, St. Louis, Missouri, 2014.

Gower KL. To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate: A Review of Feline Vaccine Associated Sarcoma. Alta Vista Animal Hospital Specialty Conference, Ottawa, 2014.

Gower KL. Canine and Feline Extranodal Lymphoma. Ottawa Academy of Veterinary Medicine Lecture Series, Ottawa, 2014.

Gower KL. Chemotherapy Safety. Alta Vista Animal Hospital, Ottawa, 2014.